Stigmatization of People with Mental Disorders

"Stigmatization of people with mental disorders is manifested by bias, distrust, stereotyping, fear, embarrassment, anger, and/or avoidance. Stigma leads the (public) to avoid people with mental disorders. It reduces access to resources and leads to low self-esteem, isolation, and hopelessness. It deters
the public from seeking, and wanting to pay for care. Stigma results in outright discrimination and abuse. More tragically, it deprives people of their dignity and interferes with their full participation in society."

--U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher (ret.)

Monday, March 14, 2016


Do they sense when you are no longer safe…

when you’re holding it together with staples and tape.

A smile on your face must erase any evidence of your insanity.

You try so hard to conform to the person they think you should be.

The clock is tick-ticking away.

Short are the hours left in this day.

And in your heart filled with sorrow,

you have little hope to see tomorrow.

Still the sun bleeds into a morning sky,

another chance to once again fly.

So you’ll do it again and try to get it right,

hoping to find a shore for one more holy night.

The truth ricochets around your brain,

Not over yet, you can do it again.
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